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Curt Fonger is an accomplished photographer who has been shooting images for over 45 years.

Curt and his wife Marta Saint-James reside in the beautiful Sonoran Desert near the majestic Superstition Mountains in Gold Canyon.


Both avid outdoor adventurers, Curt and Marta are often out tent camping, hiking and exploring the vast South West if search of new adventure and photographic opportunities that present themselves in one of the World’s most lush desert landscapes.


Curt & Marta are members of the highly regarded Superstition Wilderness and Urban Search & rescue Team.   Their disposition to give back to society is well documented through all the different volunteer organizations they belong to in the Gold Canyon area.


Marta’s work and success with lost dogs is well known throughout all of Arizona.   One such organization that they work closely with is the Apache Junction “Paws and Claws” animal shelter.  One of Curt’s most famous images – that of a Bobcat atop a 40’ high saguaro, has netted “Paws and Claws” almost $2,000 for the sale of T-shirts with this image on the front and back.  The money aids in helping with medical bills and adoption fees for all the Dogs and Cats being held at the No kill shelter.


If you would like to learn more about Marta’s efforts and the incredible work she does with animals, please go to www.goldcanyondog.org


Email Curt  at curtfonger@msn.com  


Phone contact: 480.543.0546

Email Marta at MartaStjames@msn.com


Phone contact   480.982.1690



Curt was born and raised in Michigan.  He traveled to Arizona for many years before he and Marta moved to the “Valley of the Sun” in 1999.


His love for Nature and the creatures that inhabit it has been a part of Curt’s makeup since he was a young lad.  He grew up on 60 wooded acres with a large 28 acre lake in its midst.  A lake that was teaming with Eagles, Loons, Ducks, Geese, Owls, bobcat, Deer, Bear, coyotes as well as hundreds of species of other birds that made this “lake of the Wild” they’re home.


As a result, Curt’s knowledge of the animal world became a part of him.  Sharing photo’s of many of these creatures of the wild and the world they lived in, his passion in later years.


At the beginning of his photography career, Curt attended numerous photography schools.  Soon, he entered various “juried” art shows where he repeatedly stood out amongst his competitors, both amateur and professional alike, winning many awards for his creative eye and unique photographic presentations.


Curt also does photojournalistic work for local news publications, area magazines as well as for National and international photo presentations.



One of Curt’s favorite places to photograph nature and its animals is at the Grand Canyon National Park in Northern Arizona.


Curt and Marta have back packed and hiked “rim to River” and back many times.

His thirst to become one with Nature has taken both he and his wife to hundreds of National Parks and monuments throughout our great Country, photographing each splendid scene, vistas and animals as they travel.


Curt has also traveled many times to Argentina, South America where he photographically captured the flavor of that beautiful country and it’s warm, friendly people with his lens.  Marta was born in Buenos Aires, and while now an American citizen, still calls Argentina her second home.


Curt’s main focus now is the incredible Southwest region of the United States. His greeting card company is well known throughout Eastern Arizona where he markets his cards at retail outlets.


Curt also provides photographic services to Real Estate Professionals, photographs outdoor weddings, pets and special occasion events.

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